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Girls Dress Code (upper levels)

Sweethaven seeks to support the instruction of young people in such virtues as modesty and propriety. We consider dress standards to be an important means toward that end. It is our goal to teach proper dress habits for appropriate activities. These activities include school instruction, athletic contests, special events, and formal banquets.

Our dress should reflect our Christian walk and character. Our outward appearance is a reflection of our hearts and minds. It is the desire of this school to encourage all teachers and students to magnify Christ in the wearing of clothing which displays decency and modesty. SCA does not condemn styles or trends, but for the ease of enforcement, must maintain a standardized dress code.

Since styles and fashion fads change rapidly in our society, SCA reserves the right to adopt and enforce appropriate dress code standards not specified in this dress code. The Administrator or the Deans of Students will have the final decision concerning any questionable clothing worn by a student. SCA reserves the right to require any student dressed unacceptably to change clothing before attending classes.

All students shall conform to the dress standards of SCA as enforced by the administration. The standards stated below should not be considered exhaustive, but are examples of the type of standards w\that will be upheld at the school.

All dress code rules are in effect during the regular school day and at all school-sponsored functions such as field trips. Girls may wear khaki or black casual pants to all athletic events.

Skirts: Uniform skirts are to be worn with a simple black or brown belt. The length must completely cover the knee while standing.

Shirts: Uniform shirts are to be tucked in at all times.

Footwear: Casual or dress style shoes are to be worn. Clogs or open shoes without a heel strap are not to be worn. High-heeled shoes should not be of the spiked style and no more than 3" high.

Jewelry: Fad or distracting jewelry should not be worn. Earrings should not dangle more than 2". Excessive piercing is considered distracting. Two (2) holes at the most in each ear will be permitted. Facial, nose or tongue piercing is not acceptable.

Hair: Fad styles, such as spiked, razor cuts, stripes or extreme designs or coloring are not permitted. Hair should be styled so it does not hang over or in the eyes, or cause a distraction to others. Highlighting must be of natural color only.

Tattoos: Tattoos are not acceptable. Should a student have a tattoo, it must be covered at all times. Students are never to show, promote, or discuss their tattoo with other students.

Outerwear: Heavy coats or other garments designed for outerwear should not be worn in the classroom during school hours. We suggest that a uniform sweater be kept in the locker to be used on cooler days.

Athletic Events: Black or khaki slacks can be worn if loose fitting and not of the capri or cargo style. Denim or colored jeans are not acceptable. No shorts are allowed at anytime for any school sponsored event.

The administration will have the final decision as to the appropriateness of any dress or appearance.