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3 Year Old Preschool

Preschoolers are eager to learn, and their parents are delighted with their achievements using our program. Students enjoy a balanced program in which care has been taken to consider every developmental facet. They are given a good foundation in basic skills and are motivated to look forward to elementary school.

The preschool programs at Sweethaven are not just a "baby-sitting" or "play" school service. They are a delightful educational experience.

Many of our school parents find it necessary for both Dad and Mom to work. We know that you would like our school to help you provide the same care and instruction that you would give if you could be at home.

Our dedicated Christian teachers understand this and love all boys and girls as if they were their own.

Sweethaven's preschool program includes the following:

  • Learn the alphabet

  • Learn colors

  • Learn short vowels and consonant sounds

  • Enjoy nursery rhymes, art, and singing

  • Learn to count 1-30

  • Enjoy Bible stories and games

  • Learn basic science

  • Receive practical training in manners, health and safety

  • Enjoy friends, playtime, lunch, and nap time

Example of K3 Phonics Class

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