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4 Year Old Preschool

Four-year-olds love to learn - especially when they are taught with our program. Students are given a solid learning foundation in an enjoyable atmosphere. This gives them a desire to continue learning.

Students are taught to read with the same intensive phonics approach that has resulted in such extraordinary success in our five year old kindergarten program. Our student's reading books allow each to progress at his own reading level and use very simple words that have been carefully selected so that children are not pressed to read difficult words until they are ready. Students find these stories delightful and enjoy their appealing illustrations.

Our numbers workbooks reinforce what the children learn in the classroom. The number pages introduce number concepts and the formation of numbers 1-20. Children enjoy counting and coloring the familiar objects for each number and forming the numbers.

The language development lessons expose children to a fascinating world of animals, people, and places. Our songs, storied, and games will encourage children to think and strengthen vocabulary and language skills.

Children love to draw, color, cut and paste in four-year-old preschool. Our Readiness Skills lessons are designed to aid a young child in developing writing readiness, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and listening and thinking skills.

Sweethaven's preschool program includes the following:

  • Learn basic phonics including consonant and vowel sounds, blends,                                                                                                     and one/two vowel words

  • Establish proper routines and classroom habits

  • Enjoy monthly units in art, music, poetry, nursery rhymes, and show and tell

  • Learn number concepts from 1-100 and addition facts

  • Basic science, safety, manners, and health

  • Learn to read from their own little readers in a reading circle.

  • When a book is completed they may take it home to read to Mom and Dad

  • Poetry committed to memory

  • Enjoy Bible stories, songs and chapel

  • Arts and crafts time

Example of K4 Phonics Class

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