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Q. What are the Starting/Dismissal times?

A. Pre-school 6:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Academics stressed 8:30-12:00; Academics reviewed in the afternoons)
K5-2nd grade 8:10-3:05
3rd-6th grade 8:10-3:10
7th-12th grade 8:10-3:15

Q. What is the cost of your tuition?

A. The Financial Brochure can be found here.

Q. Are you affiliated with a specific church or religious group?

A. Yes. We are a direct ministry of Sweethaven Baptist Church. We teach Baptist doctrine in our bible classes.

Q. Do the majority of the seniors have the necessary grades/SAT scores to apply to the bigger colleges?

A. Yes, the majority of our students do have the necessary SAT scores to apply to larger colleges. Those some of them may choose not to attend college, we do emphasize the importance of a Christian education all the way through college and do encourage our students to go to college. 

Q. Does Sweethaven gear its academics towards the math and science careers or is it geared more towards mission-based careers?

A. The goal of education at Sweethaven is to develop the whole person. Being a Christian to the fullest extent means using all of the faculties the Lord has given us. There is an unfortunate absence of Godly individuals in all career fields of our world today. Our mission is to train students to be able to go to any career field and be a witness for Christ in that field. I Peter 3:15 tells us "to be ready always to give an answer to every man of the hope that lieth within us." We want to develop students that could approach any career field with a Godly perspective, and we will educate them toward that end.

Q. Do you offer honors classes?

A. We view ourselves as a college preparatory school. Therefore, all of our classes are geared to preparing each child for a rigorous college education. We do offer help classes to those who fall behind and our teachers are prepared to give little challenges to those who can handle the work. For this reason, honors classes are not necessary.

Q. What Christian colleges do you recommend?

A. - Bob Jones University - Maranatha Baptist Bible College - Ambassador Baptist College - Pensacola Christian College - West Coast Baptist College

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